Rave Reviews

What clients are saying…

  • It is a great feeling to be free from those aches and pains that are associated with inaction. Walking the sea wall is great but it just isn’t enough. CoreAlign is very helpful for improving one’s balance. Since starting Pilates, there has been a complete elimination of lower back pain, and arthritic hip problems. Also, there has been a significant increase in mobility and well-being. All the staff deserve special recognition. They are part of the best kept secret in West Vancouver for excellence in service.

    Frank Patton (client since 2004)
  • After having pain and stiffness after prolonged chronic pain, I was eased back into exercise with the incredibly supportive staff and still am to this day. I still come to the studio because of the consistent quality and appreciate the smaller group classes. The studio is fun and relaxed, never boring and very clean! Every opportunity was and has been given to find what works best for me.

    Martha H. (Client since 2009)
  • I have developed some core strength, my posture has improved and I generally feel much younger! I enjoy the feeling of fitness and within my classes with Lisa H, who has a wonderful way of teaching and encouraging…her classes are fun – even when we are working to the best of our abilities.

    Bev. R (client since 2011)
  • I was introduced by my cousin who had admiration for this studio. My fitness and core strength has benefitted, as well I have met and become friends with some of the nicest and kindest people in West Vancouver! I love the ever changing routines and challenge of my classes. A fun and lovely Mary, Interesting and kind Ian, efficient Sydney and to the rest of the team, a special thank you!

    Nazanin Rahnema (client since 2009)
  • I started at Esprit de Core because the core of Pilates is to lengthen and strengthen, also for the rehabilitation aspect as its origin. As an amputee this was amazing on so many levels. Overall my posture has improved, my legs are toned and butt lifted! As an amputee in Mary’s classes and training methods, I have kept my body muscularly balanced. The classes never get boring, every class continues to be a challenge and at the end my body craves the workout.

    Christi T. (client since 2002)
  • The benefits of training at Esprit de Core include better balance to enhance fall prevention and a better overall sense of fitness. My wife and I enjoy the weekly classes and the overall sense of well-being it brings.

    Keith Wade (client since 2006)
  • My balance and strength has improve and coming to class is good mentally as well. Our day is always improved when it starts with a CoreAlign class! I still come to the studio for the health benefits, but also the camaraderie in our class and the general atmosphere of the studio itself, and of course the instructors! In our class, we are always challenge with different ways to move the equipment and I know I can trust our trainer Mary to recognize our individual capabilities.

    Adele Wade (client since 2006)
  • The CoreAlign in particular and the great teaching by Mary together with my prolotherapy have greatly improved my movement and strength in my back. It has created more linearity with my body. The Pilates classes continue to contribute to my ability to function in an office environment comfortably.

    Michael Carnsew (client since 2015)
  • I stated Pilates to prepare for a hip surgery; after participating in Pilates (post-surgery) I had a faster recovery from 2 hip replacements. I feel stronger, have improved balance and better posture. I continue to come to Esprit de Core to maintain my core strength and because I really enjoy Pilates and the studio. Special thanks to Lisa P, Lisa H, Stephanie and Sydney! Mary has created a warm and friendly atmosphere, very organized but continues to be innovative, introducing new and interesting workshops in addition to the standard classes offered.

    Mary Rose (client since 2007)