My story:

Lisa HostmanMy journey into the wonders of the human form started very early in life. Leaving the idyllic town of Bella Coola at 12 years old to pursue a professional dance career put me on a crash course with many things. As a very driven youngster I threw myself wholeheartedly into the task of becoming both a dancer and an academic. And while dance was truly my passion, it was not without its costs! Numerous injuries, a mild scoliosis and associated muscular imbalances brought me to the door of a Vancouver Pilates studio in my early 30’s. But at that time I wasn’t quite ready to listen to what my body was trying to tell me. It was only after a long battle with chronic injury and pain that I retired from performing in 2007 and began to explore the power of Pilates in assisting with the rehabilitation process.

This was a turning point for me in so many ways, one from which I’ve happily, never looked back. I started to listen- to myself, to others, and inspired by the dedication and amazing skills of my Pilates mentor I interned at the studio while completing their rigorous certification process alongside an MA in Counselling.

While I acknowledge the purely athletic benefits of the Pilates Method, my primary interest is in its rehabilitative, pain management and self-empowering applications. I’ve remained an avid learner, and in addition to numerous rehab- based courses, I have pursued advanced training in and am passionate about adapting the Pilates repertoire for scoliosis.

It is my firm belief that the body does the very best it can in spite of the chronic stresses we inflict upon it! Creating desired change requires many things, including awareness, time, presence and energy. And I find huge satisfaction in using what I’ve learned over many years  to assist others in finding optimal ways of experiencing and living in their own bodies on all levels- wherever that is, today

Lisa Hostman Pilates