Core Align


Melt Method




Introductory Special (New Clients)

(New Clients)


Value: 3 x 1-hour Pilates or CoreAlign® Private Sessions

($81 per session)

Private Training Rates

Demo Group Class Special

(New Clients)


 1-hour Pilates or CoreAlign® Demo Class

(Minimum 3 people for demo class to run)

Class Rates

Group classes are our most popular program as they are always led by a qualified instructor, and are safe, effective, fun and affordable.

You will be encouraged to work at your own level within the class format which may include reformer, mat, chair, tower, and other equipment which add variety, new challenges and class creativity.

Class size = 3 – 6 participants.

Explanation of program levels

Get started in a progressive class where you will be taught the principles of Pilates on the Reformer. Improve your posture and alignment, strengthen your core, enhance your flexibility and enjoy your movement experience in a small group of 3 – 5 students.
A specialized class designed to meet the fitness needs of clients who are deconditioned, have arthritis, osteoporosis, back conditions or other concerns. Emphasis is on safe and effective technique, alignment, core stability, strength, balance and flexibility. These classes are suitable for clients progressing from physiotherapy. Level 1: 3 – 4 participants for clients requiring a more personalized class format. Levels 2 & 3: 3 – 6 participants that offer more challenging exercises and choreography.
For participants who have completed 5 – 10 private training sessions or a term of Introductory Pilates classes, who wish to continue their training in a supervised group setting and progress to new exercises and increased challenge.
Suitable for those who are experienced in Pilates and have sound technique combined with knowledge and skill with the equipment. New choreography and props will be included on a regular basis.
A challenging and faster-paced class for the aspiring athlete with a focus on developing core strength, endurance, balance and flexibility. Plenty of variety and props included. Suitable for fit and injury-free participants wanting to work hard!
Combines cardiovascular work and integrated, full-body exercises that improve gait, posture and core strength. Great for balance, functional movement and neuromuscular training. The classes are unique, fun, stimulating and challenging. Intro/Intermediate level is suitable for first timers looking for a solid foundation and a fast progression to a total body workout. Advanced level is for highly conditioned clients who can handle the more complex routines with a cardio/core component.
Open studio space for clients to work independently on both CoreAlign and Pilates machines. An instructor is present for questions and demonstrations, and will have personalized programs for participants to follow. Eligibility for dropping into the open space requires one private session prior to individual drop-in, and after receiving the personalized program, the participant can have their own individual workout. Allows for flexibility (come and go within given studio time) and no registration for a group (can pre-pay for the month or individual drop-in)