Mary Sayers

Owner & Instructor
Mary Sayers
Born in North Vancouver, raised on the island of Jersey, Channel Islands, and returning to Vancouver at the age of 25, I have always enjoyed an active lifestyle and feel very blessed to have lived in places where opportunities for indoor/outdoor recreation are abundant. Music and movement have always been a passion for me and I started teaching fitness classes called “Popmobility” at the age of 18.
My most challenging times have revolved around health issues including a struggle with my weight as a teenager and a shocking cancer diagnosis in my forties. Having faced and overcome these challenges has provided me with a wealth of knowledge about how to obtain optimal wellness.
I have also realized these events can ultimately make you stronger and better equipped to manage future road blocks, as well as provide support for others facing similar situations.
Along my path to a healthier and happier life, I have been blessed by a host of experts and educators who were willing and able to offer me guidance and support. Knowledge combined with action are the keys to success!
Why did I choose a career in the wellness industry?
Why did I open the Esprit de Core Fitness Studio in 1999?
Because my gift and passion is to inspire and educate people who are looking to make positive changes in how they look, feel and move. We have fun on this journey so the experience is about positivity not punishment!
With over 35 years of teaching fitness, hundreds of hours of professional training and many certifications, I have selected Pilates, CoreAlign and the MELT Method to be my current functional movement resources. I regularly attend seminars and conferences as continuing with personal and professional growth is crucial for attaining excellence.
With guidance, education and support, my clients attain impressive results including better posture, positive body composition changes, improved overall fitness, flexibility and balance, restored movement and a reduction in pain and stiffness. Even small improvements can change your participation in life!
It is never too late to start!
At the age of 51 I married the man I was destined to meet, have two beautiful step daughters, a (step)grandson and am blessed to live and work in West Vancouver. Being a lifelong student, power walker, freestyle dancer, foodie and travel enthusiast make for an adventure filled and abundant life!