Ian Grant

Ian Grant
I grew up in South London, UK. Running was my life. I joined my local athletics club at the age of 10 and raced competitively until the age of 30 achieving many athletic awards along the way.
When you train the body at a high level in your chosen sport your body becomes prone to injury and unfortunately mine was no exception. The daily repetitive movement of intense track sessions took a serious toll on my back and hips which eventually forced me to retire.
In 1987, I moved from South London to Southsea, Hampshire where I became an avid user of the local gym. It was here I first got interested in instructing. I soon realized teaching and participating are two completely different disciplines, the former being much harder!
My body was still craving high intensity, so I proceeded to certify in disciplines like Circuit Training, high impact aerobics and step training. However I was still dogged with injury problems.
In 1995 my “real” job as a Fingerprint Officer took me to Bermuda where I spent six fabulous years. During this period I married my wife Karen and was blessed with two beautiful children. It was here that I was introduced to yoga. After I was certified in 1998, I started practicing and teaching Vinyasa yoga and amazingly my back problems started to diminish.
In 2001, we moved to Vancouver and I decided to switch my profession from working with “dead” bodies to working with “live” ones.  It’s much more rewarding believe me!
In 2003 I was introduced to Pilates by Mary Sayers. I loved it and I have never looked back.
Life is a journey, our bodies are under stress every day. We need the freedom of movement and good nutrition to live a fulfilled life. I believe what I have learnt through great teachers and my own life experiences has provided me with a way to give back.