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Fascial Conditioning


The word “Fascia” has become somewhat of a hot topic lately, but how many of us know what it is or how we can use it to our advantage?

Let’s start off by defining what Fascia actually is;


Fascia is strong connective tissue which performs a number of functions, including enveloping and isolating the muscles of the body, providing structural support and protection.

Fascia is thin, but very fibrous and strong. Anyone who has skinned chicken breasts or trimmed meat has encountered it, the whitish colored thin sheets of tissue between the skin and muscle of the meat. This tissue forms directly under the skin and serves as a strong layer of connective tissue between the skin and muscles underneath it.

The top layer is superficial fascia, which may be mixed with varying amounts of fat, depending on where it is on the body. The skull and hands have a particularly noticeable superficial layer that connects the skin to the tissues and bone underneath it. By wriggling your scalp, you can see that superficial fascia is strong but flexible, keeping the skin firmly anchored while allowing its owner to move freely.

Underneath lies deep fascia, a much more densely packed and strong layer. Deep fascia covers the muscles in connective tissue aggregations which help to keep the muscles divided and protected. On occasion, it can create tight knots or connective adhesions which act as trigger points which can cause pain.


It’s difficult to understand how a support structure can also be a fluid/flexible structure, but Fascia is just that- Juicy fascia is happy fascia! The best analogy I can give is of a sponge. When a sponge dries out it becomes brittle and hard. It can easily be broken with only a little force because of how crispy it has become. However, when a sponge is wet and well hydrated it gets springy and resilient. You can crush it into a little ball and it bounces back. You can wring it and twist it, but it is difficult to break.

This is where our Fascia Training class comes into play. Using the principles of Fascial Conditioning and breath work, the aim of this training session is to release fascial tension, strengthen your diaphragm and access your deeper core.

           → You will feel relaxed, light in your body, stand taller and feel stronger ←


  • Deepen your breath
  • Strengthen your diaphragm
  • Release tension
  • Feel relief from pain & stiffness
  • Increase core strength & stability

Does this sound like something you could benefit from? I think everyone could use a little more Fascial Conditioning in their lives!

Please call in to book a trial class with Joan. We want to hear first-hand all the benefits you experience with this course.


Bone Density Clinic!

Bone Density Clinic


Quick, Painless, and Accurate Osteoporosis Testing!

Esprit de Core is offering a 2nd clinic on Friday, March 31st!

Location: Esprit de Core

Time: 1:30 – 5:00 pm

Cost : $49.95 + 5 % tax

Time slots are limited, so to book yourself in please contact the office by email or 604 926 2858

Sign-up today!

Spring Term 2017

Coming Soon!

Spring is around the corner and so is the start of our new term!

The Spring Term 2016 will start on April 3 – July 2, 2017.

Priority Registration will begin on Monday, March 13.

Open Registration will be available for ALL clients on Monday, March 17


Please contact the office at 604 926 2858 to confirm your spot or email

All Levels MELT Method Group Classes

Do you have a stiff neck, tight shoulders, back pain and need help?

We have the most effective solution for stress release, body aches and pains. 

Join our 7 week MELT Method group series and experience a real MELT down!

MELT Group Classes

Time: 12:00 – 1:15 pm

7 week series: Fri, Feb 17 – Fri, Mar 31

Fee: $210 (7 x $30), Drop-in: $35

Contact the office at 604 926 2858 /

MELT Method Benefits 

  1. Eliminate stuck stress before it accumulates causing chronic aches, pains and unwanted signs of aging.
  2. Experience positive changes in how your body looks and feels.
  3. Learn simple self-treatments to remain active, healthy and pain free for life.
  4. Master soft roller techniques to simulate the results of manual therapy.
  5. Practice using the specialized MELT hand and foot balls to release stress and tension.



Come join the fun!

Now Offering Teen Groups! 

Pilates, CoreAlign or Combo

Thursday, 3:45 – 4:45 pm

Pilates and CoreAlign is great for anyone looking for a new fitness program, participating in sports or in need of a cross-training workout!

Benefits of a Combo Class:



Core Conditioning


New clients receive the 1st class for $15 and all levels welcome!
Spots available now

604 926 2858 •

For Online Schedule, CLICK HERE

Join us today!

Keeping focus is key!


If you are interested in starting Pilates or CoreAlign, but not sure where to begin we always suggest our Introductory Package!

The personal program is tailored to YOUR needs and what YOU are looking to achieve.

Get started today!

Click here for more information or contact the studio office at 604 926 2858!

Winter Term starts this Monday!


Our Winter Term starts Monday Jan 9, 2017

(Term dates: Mon, Jan 9 – Apr 2, 2017)

Please reference our online schedule for classes

If you have any questions contact the office at:

604 926 2858


Winter Term Schedule, click here!

For Program Information, click here

MELT Workshops – Spots Available!


Offering TWO MELT workshops

Saturday, Nov 12, 2016

Introductory Hand and Foot Workshop

12:00 – 1:00 pm  

Cost: $35 (plus 5% tax)


More MELT Move with the Soft Roller

Time: 1:30 – 2:45 pm 

Cost : $40 (plus 5% tax) 


Space Limited. Register today!

Contact: 604 926 2858 

MELT equipment provided and available for purchase. 

Lets get melting!


For more information on our MELT program, click here

Follow the link below to be directed to the Official MELT Website:

MELT Website