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Each trainer has a unique and effective style in either Pilates, CoreAlign or both. We also have a certified MELT and Franklin Method Instructor.

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Tel: 604-926-2858

Studios 1 and 2: #202 – 1847 Marine Drive
West Vancouver, B.C. V7V 1J7


Office Administrator

Emilie Scrase

About us: Esprit de Core Vision, Mission, Core Values and Why statements


  • Integrity
  • Client focussed
  • Results oriented
  • Positive attitude
  • Sharing and caring
  • Community of respect
  • Recognizing uniqueness


To be the foremost mind-body fitness facility in Vancouver dedicated to offering the highest standards in functional movement training, guided by an elite team of professionals in an enriching and supportive environment.


To provide the ultimate experience in training with qualified Pilates, CoreAlign and MELT Method instructors, offering unique, individually tailored programs and innovative, small group classes in our beautiful, state of the art equipped studios.

To educate and inspire anyone motivated to improve their fitness level, reduce stress and pain, enhance their quality of life and embrace their movement potential.


Optimal health is our most valuable asset and has a huge impact on our quality of life, happiness, independence, confidence and relationship with others. As a teenager, I struggled with my weight, self image and dieting. It was only by acknowledging I had a problem, seeking guidance and ultimately taking responsibility and making smarter, supportive choices that I was able to release the excess weight and become fit, empowered and inspired to share my knowledge with others.

My passion is to provide a nurturing and safe environment where we assess each client’s unique needs and goals then provide customized programs so they can improve or restore movement, become fitter, more flexible and balanced, whilst learning why, how and ultimately enjoying the experience.

Get educated and supported. Get results!

The story behind the studio’s name…

“Esprit de Corps” Wikipedia definition:

Is a French expression meaning literally “Spirit of Corps” or “Spirit of Body” in English language. It denotes a strong, shared team spirit, mutual solidarity and fellowship, sense of duty, and devotion to a cause among the members of a group.

In 1999, when I started my business and was choosing my studio’s name, I felt the look of the word “Corps” suggested a dead body or corpse, whilst the actual sound of it was “Core”, which is considered the centre of the body.

Since our programs focus on the core, which strongly influences our posture and where most full-body, functional movement originates, I felt the word switch appropriate and relevant. We embrace the French and the English – very Canadian, eh?!